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Housefull - Rivals in Love
Double Crossing? or Triple Crossing?

Producer: Raj Kanwar
Director:- Anurag Singh
Starring: Rahul Khanna, Tanushree Dutta, Jimmy Shergil, Sharman Joshi
Music Director: Pritam
Cinematography: Fuwad Khan

Raj Kanwar has let his assistant, debutant director Anurag Singh take over the directing reigns, and now Raqueeb with its unexpected twists and turns, the debutant director's film makes for an interesting watch.

There have been many suspense thrillers in the past, many drouble crossing movies, but this particular film goes a step ahead - triple crossing !!!??? "Inspired" from the film "Murder by Natural Causes" the director tries his best to come out with something crisp. Well, yes, to a certain extent, he succeeds.

                             Rahul Khanna

But, every character is hiding behind a mask in this movie and we soon figure out that Sophie has rekindled her affair with her ex-love, an obsessed angry lover, Sunny (Jimmy Shergil). Sophie emotionally blackmails Sunny to kill Remo (by Natural Causes) and hatches a plan to provoke his anxiety and asthma so he dies on his own, leaving Sunny a free man. As luck would have it, Sunny discovers that Sophie has double-crossed him. He ends up actually murdering Remo and getting a life sentence.

But that isn't the film's plot, and it's only after this that the film gets most interesting, revealing plot twists layer by layer that come as startling surprises. Raqeeb is a tale of obsession, double crossing and revenge on many levels.

                  Rahul Khanna & Tanushree Dutta

The story of ‘Raqeeb’ revolves around four main characters played by Tanushree Dutta, Rahul Khanna, Sharman Joshi and Jimmy Shergill.

Remo, (Rahul Khanna) an asthmatic, owns Zen Software that specializes in security for bank networks. Remo has a good business sense, lots of money, a good friend cum consultant Siddharth (Sharman Joshi) and the good life -- but feels numb within. His parents were killed in a car crash when he was a child.

Siddharth sets Remo up with his 'chat-mate', Sophie (Tanushree Dutta) and it seems like the perfect love story. Sophie is a theatre artist. By a remarkable coincidence her parents also died in the same accident that claimed the lives of Remo’s parents. After initial hesitation, Sophie and Remo are drawn towards each other. They fall in love and get married.

                 Jimmy Shergill & Tanushree Dutta

Rahul Khanna & Sharman Joshi

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Rahul Khanna as the business tycoon does his bit but looks uncomfortable doing the song and dance routine. But looks fresh and has a boyish face. Jimmy Shergil looks incredibly angry all the time and has nothing much to show his skill.

Tanushree Dutta looks hot throughout the film. Her low-neck dresses and her perpetually exposed cleavage lend enough oomph to her character. Well, the girl also manages to give a fairly decent performance.Vivek Shauq provides the occasional guffaw. Cinematography (Fuwad Khan) is average as is Pritam's music.

Anyway, the film truly belongs to Sharman Joshi who has shown some consistency since Rang De Basanti. Atleast now he doesnt look like the hero's sidekick.



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