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List Updated on - 
29 September 2018


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1) Hello,
I am a single man
of age about 45 years
working in a steel plant in India ,
I feel lonely here and I need to have a nice male/female friends.
Bye: Pradip Kr.Datta, Kolkata, India.


2) Hello,
i m amar sharma
from jaipur rajasthan
i want a cute girl friend
Bye: tonk rod saganer jaipur rajasthan
3) Hello,
i dont have time hating people
who hate me
because am busy in love
with people who love me
Bye: i love you all
4) Hello,
I am a working indian guy from london
and looking female friends here in uk and india.
I belongs to mumbai city.
Mail me here please with yr full details...etc.
Bye: London uk
5) Hello,
I just need a sincere, honest
straight forward vegetarian Indian women
(who do no bother about, age, physic and financial status,
preferably never married and vegetarian by habits and culture) for life friendship .
Bye: murthy chennai tamilnadu 600004
6) Hello,
I am a businessman
from Nanded in Maharashtra
Looking for male and female penpals
Bye: nanded maharasta

7) Hello,
i am find
a gud friend........
Bye: india
8) Hello,
I am diya- in search of true & trustworthy bridegroom.
I am vegitarian by diet & expect the same.
Need professional graduates or
post graduation in education.
Bye: Diya, India
9) Hello,
I am jonnes from kenya. Still a student doing public relations and advertisement. Am a boy need a lady from any country for friendship and support for anything. I love acting, singing, watching and doing business when off college. Bye: 56,Sondu. Kenya
10) Hello,
i want to find
a good homely female
any body make my friend,
Bye: Akbar Malik
11) hello I am a simple 25 year old man
I am a social worker and job in manager in sugar factory
I am not believe a god in stone and poster
I believe a nature earth water tree people this is my god
I want a life partner so plz contact me
Bye: Amol Patil, Sangli India
12) Hello,
I would be interested
in having friendship
with anyone, whether he or she.
Bye: Sasidharam, Kochi, India
13) Hello,
I\’m robin from Bangladesh, m so handsome, a struggling model and actor. I\’m looking good and descent female friends here. If anybody interested to meet me here in Dhaka, please feel free to inbox me. Life is too short to live, why too much thinking in it. We can try.
Bye: Robin Arnob, Dhaka
14) Hello,
new friend
banana pasand hai.
Bye: Rahulkoli Delhi india
15) Hello, Arup here
i am 50 years old man from kolkata...
like sport and movies ...
want lady friend age around 35 to 40 my email Bye: Aswininagar,baguihati,kolkata
16) Hello,
I’m male my age 27y
My country pakistan &city khair pur mir\’s
i’m Govt: teacher @ ghcps Zaffar Abad,
I want edu, handsum, silm girls for life partnr,
Bye: Pakistan,
17) Hello,
open minded girls between 15 to 35
for friendship,
sharing knowledge, and chat
Bye: Kumar, India
18) Hello, i am thilagan
i am residing in trivandrum
i seek women friends i like to travel and watching movies
i like good friends i hate cheters
Bye: Thilagan thiruvananthapuram india
19) Hello,
i am papai from kolkata.
i want frndship, dating, reletionship with 20-50 yrs girl, widow, housewife, divorcee, separate lady.
Bye: papaimitra,kolkata,india
20) Hello,
I am Mohammad Sarwar Iqbal from Bangladesh. I want to make friendship with all world collectors friend. i collect mint/used stamp,view card, postcard, currency pen pals magazine collection and exchange.
Bye: GPO BOX - 483, Dhaka-1000. Bangladesh.
21) Hello,
i m aijaz ahmed 55 old male
from karachi pakistan
my hobbies friendship with female aged 30 to 48 she fair faithful and honest she find me honest and fair
Bye: aijaz ahmed karachi pakistan
22) Hello,
i am emraan ali
from shahjahanpur
my position mobile hardware & software engienear
Bye: India
23) Hello,
Bye: Mumtaz, India
Bye: patur dist.akola maharashtra
24) Hello,
I LS murthy
working as teaching professional still batchelor seeking for weman friend for dating
Bye: murthy machilipatnam india
25) Hello,
i am prolay
from kolkata
i find a girl friend
Bye: baguiati, 700135

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26) Hi! I am caring and loving,
mysterious and romantic, extrovert, adventurous, affectionate, down to earth, great listener, open minded, passionate guy.
looking for a good friend
Bye: Aakash,Kolkata,INDIA
27) Hello
I like the friends &
I like the Technician boys and girls
or I like something
Bye: yangon
28) Hello,
email: VNR365@GMAIL.COM
29) Hello,
i am very decent guy
and i want
any nice female friend
Bye: chintamani chikkaballapura district
30) Hello,
I am Rony
from Mumbai, and I am
looking for worlwide male, female penpals
Bye: rony, Mumbai, India

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Ms Nice Plathottam from Kottayam, Kerala, 22 yrs old likes Drawing, reading, cats. Full address in Dolphin printed magazine.
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N. V. Mathew from Sharjah, UAE likes sports, driving. Full address in Dolphin printed magazine.
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Daliya Banerjee from Kolkata, 32 years old likes singing, travelling. Contact details in Dolphin Vol:21, No4 issue.
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Sandeep Ahuja from New Delhi, India. 35 y.o.Stage Singer, likes body building, travelling. Full Details in Dolphin print edition.
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Seema from Panipat, India, 26 years old, likes films, reading, music. Full details in Dolphin print edition.
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Pawan Kumar of Jammu, India, 24, likes music, stamps collection. Contact details in Dolphin Vol: 21, No:4 issue.
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Maria Verplates of USA, 32, likes sports, dance. Her full details in Dolphin print edition.
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Ankush Gupta of Punjab, India, 22 years old, likes music, driving, dancing. Full details in Dolphin printed edition.
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Olga Jurkova of Ukraine, 54 yrs old. Likes painting, music, nature. Her contact details only in Dolphin print magazine.
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Andrew Verghese of Dubai, 37 y.o. likes photography, music, computers. Details in Dolphin magazine.
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Miss I. Best of Israel, 30 yrs old, likes meditation, reading. Her full contact details in Dolphin magazine.
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Raminder Singh, Punjab, 19 yrs old, likes swimming, skating, reading. Full details in Dolphin Vol:21, No:4 issue.
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Eun Ju Kang of South Korea, 24, likes reading, writing snail mail letters, watching movies. Full address + details in Dolphin Magazine.
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Jamal Ahmed Bittu of Muzaffarnagar, India, 24, likes reading, computers, arts. Full postal address in Dolphin Vol:21. N: 4 issue.
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Indira Raju of Karnataka, India, 32 y.o. Likes Movies, travel, cooking. Her contact details in Dolphin printed magazine.
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Boissier Jean-Claude of France, 36 years old, likes gliding, cinema, photo. His complete address in Dolphin magazine.
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Mrs Sangeeta of Haryana. 33 y.o. Likes music, movies, cooking, painting. Her contact details in Dolphin print edition.
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Er K.K. Dabhi of Bhavnagar, India, 39 y.o. likes photography, movies, art. His full address in Dolphin Vol:21, No:4 issue.
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Pama Johnson of Raigad, Maharashtra, 28 y.o. likes Photography, world culture. Her contact details in Dolphin magazine.
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Avtar Singh Randhawa of Chandigarh is 32 years old and likes astrology, travelling, photography. Details in Dolphin mag.
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Poonam Subba of Bhutan, 18 yrs old, likes music, collecting stickers, playing guitar. Full address + details in Dolphin print edition.
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Ali Khalid Alaamri, Sultanate of Oman, 23 y.o., likes correspondence & travelling. Full details in Dolphin print edition.
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Marina Minh of Russia, 42 yrs old. Likes reading, television, travelling. Her full contact details given in Dolphin Vol:21, No:4 issue.
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Aby Abraham of Trivandrum, India, 36, likes music, travelling, photography, nature. Full details in Dolphin print edition.
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Angel Shishak of Manipur, India, 23 y.o., likes reading, travelling. Full address + details only in Dolphin Vol:21, No:4 issue.
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Naveen Kumar of Mangalore is only 18 yrs old, likes travelling, exchange of photos & more. Full details in Dolphin magazine.
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Isabelle Dumont of Mauritius, 26 yrs old, likes seasides, collections, sports. Her contact address in Dolphin printed magazine.
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Kiran Babu of Kuwait, 37, likes music, sports, adventures. His full address in Dolphin Vol:21, No:4 issue.
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Jackelyn Jamen of Philippines, 25 yrs old, likes writing, dancing, singing, etc. Her details in Dolphin print edition.
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S. A. Mannan of Saudi Arabia is 37 & likes travelling tourist places in India, etc. His full address & details in Dolphin print edition.
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