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List Updated on - 
4 April 2013

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1) Hello,
I Am Gautam, 25 years honest and smart person (male) from New Delhi INDIA,and looking for honest and beauty full girls and women for real friendship, i am a very frank person . i am interested in travelling and taking. She should be romantic
because life is not.........

2) Hello,
my name is Alfred Lasa
I\’m from Vanuatu
I like scuba diving looking for girlfriend
Bye: Santo island dive p.o.box252 Vanuatu

3) Hello,
i m debu.not a simply guy.
looking for friendshep in beautifull lady.
contact my email-
Bye: Debu, Kolkata, India
4) Hello,
Looking for male or female penpals
from al over. I like resding. Cooking. Stsmp collecting. Movies. Dogs. Age 35 and over.
No marriage or romance requests.
Bye: Colleen. Lebowski, USA
5) Hello,
I am a boy from Mumbai.
Looking for male and female
penpals from all over.
Bye: Pinku, Mumbai, India
6) Hello,
Thís ís Yeamin from Bangladesh.
I want gỉrls and boys penpals
From India and other parts
Of the world.
Bye: yeamin bangladesh
7) Hello,
my name is aman
I am 29 years i live in delhi
i want a good lady friend
Bye: aman,delhi,india
8) Hello,
i am arun , from tamilnadu india. i am doing mlm business very sucessfully, i am interest in internet, music, travel, books, friendship......etc. i want good friends for business and friendship lifelong, thanks
9) Hello,
M m unemployed..
I am looking for some
job prospects.
Bye: Ashok Sharma,delhi,india
10) Hello,
i want a nice friend
I am from Bihar
Bye: Amit
11) Hello,
i an a good looking guy.
i am looking for
a female who has a
open mind for friendship.
Bye: charlee love,ghaziabad,india
12) Hello,
I would like a beautiful woman
as my Pen friend
and I would like make
contact with Internet .
Bye: Hasibur rahaman, Asansol , India

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13) Hi Ladies,
just search me on facebook
with Markus Aphrodity
n see the magic
Bye: MA, Pune, Mumbai, India
14) Hello
Name: SYAM, Trichur, India
15) Hello,
I am Sameer from Goa,
the fun city of India.
Looking for worldover
Male and female friends.
Bye: sameer goa india
16) Hello,
I am male 38 years of Indian origin living in Kolkata love playing cricket,badminton,chess,carrom board, love eating indian food,wine, love visiting park, theater, read books romantic, philosophical. I am regional manager exective, loving,simple and affectionate, looking for loving,honest fun loving,friendly female friend
Bye: R.A.Prasad, Kolkata-
17) Hello,
I am Chandra Kanth Kori
From Nagpur, India.
Wanna be my friend?
18) Hello,
I am retired employee.
Interesting in music, tour, movies & firiends.
I needs women above 50 yr
for sharing my thoughts & guideness
19) Hello,
I am 43 years of age, sound health, capable to handle all domestic affairs, vast expereince of to resolve social issues as well as do respect all aspects of human being according to the lesson of true religion of Islam.
Bye: Islamabad - Pakistan
20) Hello,I\’m a male aged 36 from Papua New Guinea. I am a divorsed single father and wish to hear from genuine female friends especially from Papua New Guinea. My hobbies include teaching,playing or watching Rugby league and various other sports as
well as adventures into virgin forests.
Bye: POBox, 2500, BOROKO, N.C.D, Papua ,New Guinea
21) hi,
rohit from india.
final year-mech.
22) Hello,
I want a female who is lonely
and need friend to share life
& enjoy the life in full.
23) hi
I m kayathri, a lady from Chennai.
I m looking for a friends
below age 18-30
to be a goood friends.
Bye: kayathri, chennai, india
24) Hello,
How are you?
Please take out some time
To write to me.
Bye: Nandhakumar vellore tamilnadu
25) Hello,
I am alay
A man who is god fearing ,
in lonliness.
I like sight seeing
26) Hello,
I am Harbhajan singh, male & 66 years old
senior person, having own business but alone,
I need single honest girl friend, I live in delhi,
sweet heart girl , god fearing, iake care of me.
Bye: Delhi, India

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27) Hello,
i m abhi a smart ,young ,cool guy. i m here for fun and frendship with females to enjoy life to fullest. i love playing , driving, watching moovies,net surfing, reading, partying, so females hurry up im eagerly waiting for u........
Bye: abhi anand,mahipalpur, new delhi
28) Hello,
I am a decent nice guy from Sarjapur Road Bangalore. I work in a Software MNC and staying alone. I am looking for a lovely girl who can be nice friends with me to share feeling both ways. I know you are also searching for a nice guy like me. If yes, why wait...I am just a call/email away from you. Who knows you may find your best friend in me.
Bye: Mohit
29) Hello,
I am looking to write to and to meet interesting ,
lovely , intelligent , educated females .........who are interested in all the arts , esoteric subjects ...etc , and who are non- smokers .
30) Hello,This is Deb young , energetic male of 30.
I am married but my wife engaged some ones. I seriously need friend girls from kolkata. I ave good experiences how to enjoy
life properly with love. I am very hungry to enjoy friendly relation with love. I am waiting- Debnath
Bye: Kolkata, India

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Ms Nice Plathottam from Kottayam, Kerala, 22 yrs old likes Drawing, reading, cats. Full address in Dolphin printed magazine.
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N. V. Mathew from Sharjah, UAE likes sports, driving. Full address in Dolphin printed magazine.
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Daliya Banerjee from Kolkata, 32 years old likes singing, travelling. Contact details in Dolphin Vol:21, No4 issue.
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Sandeep Ahuja from New Delhi, India. 35 y.o.Stage Singer, likes body building, travelling. Full Details in Dolphin print edition.
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Seema from Panipat, India, 26 years old, likes films, reading, music. Full details in Dolphin print edition.
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Pawan Kumar of Jammu, India, 24, likes music, stamps collection. Contact details in Dolphin Vol: 21, No:4 issue.
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Maria Verplates of USA, 32, likes sports, dance. Her full details in Dolphin print edition.
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Ankush Gupta of Punjab, India, 22 years old, likes music, driving, dancing. Full details in Dolphin printed edition.
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Olga Jurkova of Ukraine, 54 yrs old. Likes painting, music, nature. Her contact details only in Dolphin print magazine.
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Andrew Verghese of Dubai, 37 y.o. likes photography, music, computers. Details in Dolphin magazine.
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Miss I. Best of Israel, 30 yrs old, likes meditation, reading. Her full contact details in Dolphin magazine.
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Raminder Singh, Punjab, 19 yrs old, likes swimming, skating, reading. Full details in Dolphin Vol:21, No:4 issue.
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Eun Ju Kang of South Korea, 24, likes reading, writing snail mail letters, watching movies. Full address + details in Dolphin Magazine.
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Jamal Ahmed Bittu of Muzaffarnagar, India, 24, likes reading, computers, arts. Full postal address in Dolphin Vol:21. N: 4 issue. Click to Contact
Indira Raju of Karnataka, India, 32 y.o. Likes Movies, travel, cooking. Her contact details in Dolphin printed magazine.
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Boissier Jean-Claude of France, 36 years old, likes gliding, cinema, photo. His complete address in Dolphin magazine.
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Mrs Sangeeta of Haryana. 33 y.o. Likes music, movies, cooking, painting. Her contact details in Dolphin print edition.
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Er K.K. Dabhi of Bhavnagar, India, 39 y.o. likes photography, movies, art. His full address in Dolphin Vol:21, No:4 issue.
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Pama Johnson of Raigad, Maharashtra, 28 y.o. likes Photography, world culture. Her contact details in Dolphin magazine.
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Avtar Singh Randhawa of Chandigarh is 32 years old and likes astrology, travelling, photography. Details in Dolphin mag.
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Poonam Subba of Bhutan, 18 yrs old, likes music, collecting stickers, playing guitar. Full address + details in Dolphin print edition.
Contact her thru Dolphin magazine
Ali Khalid Alaamri, Sultanate of Oman, 23 y.o., likes correspondence & travelling. Full details in Dolphin print edition.
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Marina Minh of Russia, 42 yrs old. Likes reading, television, travelling. Her full contact details given in Dolphin Vol:21, No:4 issue.  Click to Order Dolphin Print Magazine
Aby Abraham of Trivandrum, India, 36, likes music, travelling, photography, nature. Full details in Dolphin print edition.
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Angel Shishak of Manipur, India, 23 y.o., likes reading, travelling. Full address + details only in Dolphin Vol:21, No:4 issue.
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Naveen Kumar of Mangalore is only 18 yrs old, likes travelling, exchange of photos & more. Full details in Dolphin magazine.
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Isabelle Dumont of Mauritius, 26 yrs old, likes seasides, collections, sports. Her contact address in Dolphin printed magazine.
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Kiran Babu of Kuwait, 37, likes music, sports, adventures. His full address in Dolphin Vol:21, No:4 issue.
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Jackelyn Jamen of Philippines, 25 yrs old, likes writing, dancing, singing, etc. Her details in Dolphin print edition.
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S. A. Mannan of Saudi Arabia is 37 & likes travelling tourist places in India, etc. His full address & details in Dolphin print edition.
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